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FT Central Office Structural Units

Artyukhin Roman Yevgenievich
    • Information Security Department

    • Information system Development Department

    • Information Infrastructure Department

    • Functional Performance Improvement Department

    • Treasury Support Department

    • Budget Monitoring Department

    • Budget Accounting and Reporting Department

    • Central Accounting Department

    • Administrative Department

    • Audit and Control Department for National Security, Law Enforcement, Judiciary System and Defense Industry

    • Financial and Fiscal Analysis and Control Department

    • Audit and Control Department for Economic Development

    • Audit and Control Department for Social Issues, Inter-Budget Relations and Social Security

    • Audit and Control Department for Development Institutions and Public Assets

    • Contracting Control Department

    • Contract System Development Department

    • Internal Control and Audit Department

    • Audit Oversight Department

    • Budget Payments Development Department

    • Internal Projects Department

    • Federal Budget Execution Department

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